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Lars Flikkeid Glass Studio Norway


My history

I am a self-taught, glass artist who has worked with oven-shaped glass (fusing) since 2007. I run the Company Flikkeid Glass Studio Norway which is located in Eidsvoll.

For many years I have acquired knowledge by attending advanced courses under the direction of renowned artists with long experience and a thorough understanding of working with oven-shaped glass. At the same time, I have built my own workshop and developed  my own techniques that give my work a unique feel.


I like to challenge the glass to get the effects I want, using my understanding of physics, chemistry and mathematics. As a former researcher and expert in computer technology, I am well acquainted with thinking process and planning, which is very important when transforming glass from a raw material into a beautiful end product using only time, temperature and gravity in a closed glass oven. I also combine cold techniques such as grinding, sawing and sandblasting.

The studio also do Glass Art Commision and have a small Glass Art gallery both in its own location and in Lillestrøm/Norway. Visit the gallery's facebook page.


What you do, how and when, is the whole secret of mastering the technique of oven-shaped glass. I am choosing the best materials for my products, such as glass from Bullseye. 


In recent years, I have also learned glassblowing from a famous glassblower in Bali where I spent the winters since 2013.


Morkvegen 36, 2080 Eidsvoll, Norway

+47 92035549

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